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      Every tooth has its unique internal shade structure.  With its special raw materials and color structure, developed specifically for the “KATANA™ Zirconia” Multi-Layered series, Esthetic Colorant enables you to quickly and efficiently imitate a variety of these unique characteristics.

      Esthetic Colorant is composed of just 12 shades in 3 groups. Which facilitates inventory management yet establishes the typical effects and lifelike colors of natural teeth that can be expressed and controlled even before sintering.

      Group 1 Plus Shades: Increasing Chroma in both Dentin and Enamel shades.

      Group 2 Body Shades: Characterization along cervical and enamel areas.

      Group 3 Blocking Shades: Controls Opacity and Value.

      Refill Package Contains: 1 - 12ml

      Learn the KATANA™ Zirconia Difference